Justin Trudeau Is Getting The Superhero Treatment With His Own Comic

Seeing the Prime Minister in a whole new light. 👀
Comic Books: Justin Trudeau Gets The Superhero Treatment With His Own Graphic Novel

When you're famous, you're in memes, viral videos, and even comic books — Justin Trudeau is now getting the same treatment as the superheroes.

Tidalwave Productions released the 26-page paperback on September 16, 2020, and it's a biography of the PM's life.

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it is selling more than we thought!

Tidal Wave Comics on Twitter

Called Political Power: Justin Trudeau, the book is already getting a lot of attention.

The Amazon description reads that when Pierre Trudeau died, his son, "the charismatic teacher with camera-ready looks and an easygoing nature," gave a eulogy that everyone noticed, launching a new era for Justin.

As of Sunday, August 16, 2020, the book was in the top four on the bookseller's new hot releases list for its genre, proving that people are hungry to see the Prime Minister in full colour.

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