Here's A Look Inside The Mind-Blowing 'Mountain House' Being Built On An Island In BC

It's so wild!
Here's A Look Inside The Mind-Blowing 'Mountain House' Being Built On An Island In BC
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We've come across the most mind-blowing home design ever to exist and it's being built in British Columbia. This "mountain house" in B.C. hasn’t been built quite yet but the design has been made and construction plans are underway. The home won’t be going on the market but these images should give you a feel for the magic that lies within.  

B.C. has some luxurious homes but this one may take the cake. 

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It’s not a downtown Vancouver pad or private island treehouse; rather it’s a mountainside mansion that looks otherworldly.

Architect and interior designer Milad Eshtiyaghi designed a “mountain house” off the side of a B.C. cliff for a family and it looks like it was built out of super futuristic lego blocks. 

Located in Quadra Island, the idea for the massive home was to use the land that was already on the site as a base. 

Building entirely around the nature that was already there, the home protrudes off the cliff and over the water below. 

According to Amazing Architecture, the home is made of three levels that the client had requested. 

One level is for the family's parents, another is for the son and his wife, and one will be made for recreational sports. 

Along with the different houses coming together to make one big home, there's a gym, tons of terraces and balconies, several backyards, and a rec room. 

There’s also a massive pool that is completely see-through which means then you’re swimming, you'll get to look down on a massive drop to the ocean below. 

Not to mention there is a literal waterfall flowing beneath the house. 

The home design is wild and it looks made out of only windows. 

There are project canopies that'll be mechanically opened or closed depending on the position of the sun.

They can also be controlled by the residents so they can choose to have full sunlight or no sun anytime they want.

Since this family will be living on the literal side of a cliff, they won’t have to worry about anyone peering in.

Not only is the design of the home jaw-dropping, the inside looks like something out of a James Bond movie. 

From the paint and furniture to the coffee table books, everything is so perfectly curated.

It's the perfect mix between rustic and modern with just the right amount of luxurious minimalism. 


For now, the home is just a design. According to an email from Eshtiyaghi to Narcity, construction is set to take place in November. 

He's expecting it to take up to seven months to complete. 

Eshtiyaghi didn't disclose the price since it's being designed specifically for a family.

But if you’re wanting anything like this in the future, you may want to start buying lottery tickets.

Mountain House

Neighbourhood: Quadra Island, BC

Description: If the future were a home. This beauty sits on top of a cliff just above the ocean and it just gets more and more awe-inspiring the more you look.

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