BC’s Private 'Halibut Island' Is Minutes From Victoria & Has Beautiful Pebble Beaches

Island life suddenly seems way more affordable! 😍

For the same price as many homes in Vancouver, you can buy a private island in B.C.

Halibut Island is on the market for the first time in 50 years and could be your new home.

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This Tiny Home In BC Is A Secret Island Paradise & It's Less Than $300k

Your own little slice of heaven by the sea.

When people think of their dream home, they imagine huge mansions, penthouses, or castles built of gold. But do you really need something so oversized to feel happy? Here to prove that it's the simple things in life that really matter, this adorable tiny house in B.C. has everything one needs for a peaceful, hobbit-style life in the garden.

Tiny homes balance all the things you need in a full house with unparalleled affordability and freedom.

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The Most Enchanting Botanical Garden In BC Is On Sale For $3.7M Right Now

It even comes with a 12-room hotel and a cafe!

If you've ever wanted to feel like a real-life Disney princess and frolic through the meadows, then boy have we got the place for you. There's an actual botanic garden for sale in B.C., and you can be the proud owner of everything inside it for just $3.7 million. This place is a true plant lover's dream, with tons of unique plant and animal species living within it.

The massive garden is located in Tofino, B.C., one of the province's most spectacular areas. It covers roughly ten acres of "forested waterfront land" as well as 1,000 feet on the Tofino Inlet.

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Here's A Look Inside The Mind-Blowing 'Mountain House' Being Built On An Island In BC

It's so wild!

We've come across the most mind-blowing home design ever to exist and it's being built in British Columbia. This "mountain house" in B.C. hasn’t been built quite yet but the design has been made and construction plans are underway. The home won’t be going on the market but these images should give you a feel for the magic that lies within.  

B.C. has some luxurious homes but this one may take the cake. 

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This $25 Million Private Island In BC Is Like Buying Your Own Seaside Village

There's even a floatplane hanger!

Ever dream of living in that cute fishing town by the coast? If you've got the cash, this enormous B.C. private island lets you skip the middleman and buy the whole village instead. Not only does it include a huge mansion, but it also comes with enough cottages to make your own seaside town.

According to its listing, the crown jewel of the enormous island is a massive 13,000 square foot mansion.

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