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Shuswap Home For Sale Is A Retro Lake House For Less Than A Vancouver Shoebox

There are some houses on the market that are too good to pass up and this may be one of them. This Shuswap home for sale is right on the lake and it's like living in a vintage treehouse fantasy. Equipped with a private dock and enough room for all your loved ones, it’s cheaper than basically any home in Vancouver. 

Skip the city living and opt for something more secluded. 

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Living right in Vancouver can be expensive. From luxurious homes to shoebox apartments, the price to buy property in the city is not exactly young person-friendly. 

Situated on a lakefront property in B.C. is a massive house that will cost a fraction of what a pad in Vancouver would cost. 

Coming in at $399,900, this Shuswap Lake home has five bedrooms and one bathroom. 

The 1,208 square foot place is super vintage and even the appliances in the home are totally 70s. 

Seriously, just look at the two adorable pink fridges in the kitchen. 

The entire home is giving us serious treehouse vibes and that’s something we can stand behind. 

The house itself is all windows which means you'll have views of the turquoise blue lake all day long. 

Century 21 Executive Realty Ltd.

Secluded by trees and lush forest, you don’t have to worry about anyone looking into the home so you’ll feel like you’re totally alone. 

The bedrooms are on the tinnier end but honestly, you'll be spending a majority of your time outdoors. 

Century 21 Executive Realty Ltd.

If you aren’t spending your time hiking in your own backyard, hit your private patio. 

This wrap-around deck will ensure you get sun all day long but there's still enough shade for when things get too spicy.

Century 21 Executive Realty Ltd.

The best selling feature is the dock out back.

Large enough to house a boat or two, this private, on the water oasis is perfect for fishing, tanning, or anything else you can think of.

Considering all the things you get, the price isn’t all that bad. 

To put things into perspective for you, the cheapest Vancouver home on RE/MAX is an actual parking spot coming in at $50,000. 

Century 21 Executive Realty Ltd.

Next to that, the cheapest full home is $499,000 and it’s only one bedroom and one bath. 

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, or lottery win, then this on the water pad might be it. 

Shuswap Lake House

Price: $399,900

Address: 30 Lime Cliff Bluffs Beach, Shuswap Lake, BC

Description: This pad is perfect for all the nature lovers out there. With all the surrounding nature and your own private beach, what more could you need? 

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