Fans Think Taylor Swift Revealed The Name Of Ryan Reynolds' & Blake Lively's Daughter

Is her name Betty?
Fans Think Taylor Swift Revealed The Name Of Ryan Reynolds' & Blake Lively's Daughter

Celebrity conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen. They can be kind of fun, though. The latest involves Taylor Swift's new album. Fans are speculating that she might have revealed the name of Ryan Reynolds' and Blake Lively's daughter in her lyrics.

Swift dropped her latest album folklore on July 24, surprising all of her fans who only became aware of it the day before its release.

Having gone through the songs, some of which tell the story of a love triangle, Swift devotees started to notice something.

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The track "Betty" includes references to characters called James and Inez. Those also happen to be the names of two of Reynolds' and Lively's kids.

This has led some fans to theorize that because the song also features a character who goes by Betty, that might be the name of the third Reynolds child.

Lively gave birth in 2019, although her pregnancy was never made public. The couple has not officially revealed what they are calling the baby.

Still, that didn't stop some fans from theorizing that Swift was secretly dropping deets about the newest member of the famous family.

"Anyone else notice the names Inez and James in @taylorswift13 new song #Betty. A secret lil Easter egg/tribute to her friends #Folklore," wrote @meaganmckitrick.

"Am I the only one that realized that Taylor Swift’s song Betty has both of Blake Lively’s kids names in it? Is Blake’s third baby named Betty?! I am so invested in this new theory now," tweeted @MckaylaB09.

The couple's daughter, James, was actually involved in a previous Swift track, according to Popsugar.

She can be heard briefly on the song "Gorgeous" from reputation. James is even credited in the liner notes of the album.

Recently, Lively dropped a pregnancy joke on Reynolds' Instagram, to which he responded with an out-of-office message. This is typical of the couple's strange sense of humour.