Canadians Are Being Told To Stop Eating Red Onions From The U.S. Due To Salmonella (VIDEO)

If you have them, throw them away.
Canadians Are Being Told To Stop Eating Red Onions From The U.S. Due To Salmonella (VIDEO)

If you're making any summer salads, there's one ingredient that needs to be left out. A red onion salmonella outbreak has been identified by the Public Health Agency of Canada.* Canadians are being told not to eat any that have come from the United States.

The red onions imported from the U.S. have been potentially linked to the recent salmonella outbreak in Canada, which has now affected 114 people in five provinces.

In a July 30 update to their original notice, the Public Health Agency of Canada noted that investigators had identified the red onions as a likely source of the outbreak.

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The PHAC is working with the American Centers for Disease Control to determine the cause of contamination and other possible sources of salmonella.

People living in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario have been advised not to eat any raw red onions that have been imported from across the border.

That includes any prepared foods made in the U.S. which might contain them.

Restaurants are also being told not to use any of the imported vegetable at this time.

Red onions that were grown in Canada are not affected by this advisory.

If you have red onions in your home, Public Health advises checking for any labels to indicate where the onion came from.

If you have any that are from the United States, or aren't labelled at all, you should throw them away and wash your hands after handling them.

The area where the onions were stored should also be washed and sanitized.

The same advice applies to any premade or restaurant food that might contain red onions. If you or the restaurant staff can't determine where they came from, don't eat them.

Sysco, a Canadian foodservice supplier, has issued a recall through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency of red onions available in 10- and 25-pound bags that have been imported since May 24.

Symptoms of salmonella include fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, and headaches.

*Editor's note: This story has been updated.

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