Quebec has halted all private refugee sponsorships, effective immediately, with new specific requirements until November 2021.

The decision was shared on Wednesday in the Gazette officielle du Québec, according to a news release from Immigration, Francisation et Intégration Quebéc.  

The decision related to how the Program for Refugees Abroad, a collective sponsorship, was being managed.

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They are using a sledgehammer when they should be using surgical tools.

Paul Clarke, executive director of Action Refugies Montreal 

The suspension comes after the province found major concerns regarding some programs, according to HuffPost Canada.   

It appears the government believes there was "integrity concerns" within the programs.

Quebec’s Immigration Department reportedly received serious allegations concerning some private refugee sponsorships.

Some organizations are not happy, citing that it's not fair that the misconduct of one or a few organizations has ruined it for everyone.

Paul Clarke, executive director of Action Refugies Montreal, believes that his non-profit that sponsors refugees should not be "put under a cloud of suspicion" for the reported mistakes of a few.

The hold will reportedly last until this time next year, after which the new requirements will only allow for private collectives of two-to-five people to sponsor refugees. 

An investigation is currently ongoing.