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There's a unique opportunity in Texas where you can meet stingrays up close and personal — we're talking in the same pool as them kind of close.

The Aquatica San Antonio waterpark allows you and your friends to swim with these wonderous sea creatures for the most exclusive encounter you can't experience in many other places.

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If you're from Texas, then you're probably no stranger to Natural Bridge Caverns by now. And while many have ventured through their numerous cavern passages or soared through the sky on their massive zipline and obstacle course, few know of their greatest gem of all... literally.

Discovery Village Mining Co. is one of the surface attractions at the San Antonio, TX-based caverns, and it should be at the top of everyone's to-do list because of all the cool gemstones you could find.

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and while there are plenty of ways to celebrate with your partner — or even friends — those who are heartbroken don’t get a lot of fun during this romantic holiday.

A zoo in Texas is using this festivity as the perfect opportunity for singles to also chime in and make this day just as lovely as those going out to nice dinners with their dates. However, this unique celebration involves cockroaches, rats, or vegetables.

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There's a huge ranch out in West Texas that offers the unique opportunity to drive and shoot from a real-life army tank. Now, if you're a World War II history buff or a fan of military weapons, this place just might interest you.

DriveTanks offers non-military personnel a safe chance to drive and operate massive army tanks.

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There's a resort sitting upon a river in Texas and it's the perfect destination to avoid the crowds at all other popular floating spots around the state.

Chalk Bluff River Resort near Uvalde, Texas, gives you all the access you could need to hang out in the crystal blue waters of the Nueces River that flows through Western Texas.

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