You Can Drive & Shoot From Massive Real-Life Army Tanks At This Ranch In Texas

They offer free beer, too!

A woman inside one of the tanks. Right: An M41 Walker Bulldog tank.

A woman inside one of the tanks. Right: An M41 Walker Bulldog tank.

There's a huge ranch out in West Texas that offers the unique opportunity to drive and shoot from a real-life army tank. Now, if you're a World War II history buff or a fan of military weapons, this place just might interest you.

DriveTanks offers non-military personnel a safe chance to drive and operate massive army tanks.

The site, which is located on Ox Ranch, offers a variety of packages to choose from, depending on what size and type of tank.

You can pick anything from driving a Kettenkrad through the course for only $599, to firing one round of real 76mm ammo from a colossal Russian T-34 Tank for a pricier $3,500.

You and up to five people can split the package, as one person from the squad will be a designated driver or shooter, while everyone else rides as passengers.

However, if no one in the group wants to operate the military vehicles, the business will provide a Cadre to take you for a spin — in fact, it's 20% off the package price.

For the full army-style experience, DriveTanks even offers a stay inside their barracks that are styled after WWII.

The weekly room rates start at $645 a night and include a "flamethrower experience," access to different parts of Ox ranch, and meals prepared by a chef.


Price: $599+

Address: 1946 Private Rd. 2485 Uvalde, TX 78801

Why You Need To Go: You can experience huge army tanks in real-life!


This article has been updated since it was originally published on July 2, 2019.

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