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Apes At A California Zoo Just Received A Different Version Of A COVID-19 Vaccine

Gorillas had tested positive for COVID-19. 🦍

Doses of COVID-19 vaccines continue to be administered to people around the world, and the San Diego Zoo has already started protecting our wildlife.

The San Diego Tribune reports the zoo has so far administered the vaccine to nine great apes, with four more scheduled to get it soon, making them the first non-human primates to receive an experimental dose of a vaccine designed for minks, dogs and cats.* 

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Some California Beaches Will Be Hit By Huge Waves & High Tides This Weekend

Be careful out there!

You might want to change up your weekend plans as some California beaches will experience hazardous rip currents, breaking waves, and high tides.

National Weather Service issued a Beach Hazards Warning today at noon through Monday morning as parts of the state's coastline will have unsafe conditions.

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The NWS In San Diego Just Pranked Twitter With An Emergency Butterfly Alert

Butterflies are coming!🦋

Southern Californians should be on the lookout for—butterflies!? San Diego's National Weather Service just advised a butterfly watch, and it's not what you think. They're suggesting that you be eagle-eyed for an increase of vibrant colors and nature photos. 

You must be thinking, "What in the world?" but there's a legitimate reason behind it.

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San Diego Officials Just Extended The Stay-At-Home Order Indefinitely (VIDEO)

Stay safe, San Diego. 💙

Government officials announced that the San Diego stay-at-home order is extended indefinitely. Any changes to it will only be made with the state's guidance, said County Public Health Officer Dr. Wilma Wooten.

She went on to say "We cannot open back up until the state gives the green light to do so."

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San Diego Just Made It Mandatory To Wear Face Masks Or Get A $1,000 Fine (VIDEO)

Violators could also face 6 months in jail. 😲 🚨

San Diego has joined the slew of California cities cracking down on COVID-19 violations as of April 24. The news was announced today during a press conference by County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher. San Diego's face covering order requires all residents to wear masks when they go out in public now.

"We believe this is going to be a part of life in the new normal...Now is the time, the voluntary compliance is over and now it is time for strict compliance throughout all communities," said Fletcher.

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San Diego's Mayor Started A Petition To Open Beaches Closed Because Of COVID-19 (VIDEO)

"Does it really matter if you are social distancing in the ocean or on land?"

In a Facebook post on Sunday, San Diego's mayor started a petition to open local beaches closed because of COVID-19. Richard Bailey criticized the San Diego County public health order for being inconsistent for allowing some activities but denying others. He believes physical activities can still be done outside while respecting social distancing guidelines.

The latest county health order erodes the public's trust, said Bailey.

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