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The San Diego Zoo Is Throwing A Virtual Spring Break Party So You Can 'Go Wild' At Home

For kids at heart. 🦁 🌎

The San Diego Zoo might be temporarily closed, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the wildlife up close. We might have found your boredom cure. The San Diego Zoo's virtual spring break is sixteen days of animal cuteness and fun to entertain you while you're stuck at home. 

While the "break" is technically for the kiddos, who says it also can't be a fun escape for the kids at heart?

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The "World's Most Comfortable" Outdoor Cinema Is Coming To San Diego This Summer

It's the ultimate slumber party!

Have you ever wished you could watch a movie outdoors on a mattress? Instead of lugging your own bed out in the elements, you can lounge in the ultimate comfort already provided for you. The world's most comfortable bed cinema is coming to San Diego this summer. Why not bring your friends for a movie night under the stars?

This pop-up event will swing by Southern California for four days this June 10–14. The event location is currently TBD. We will update the article as soon as it is released. 

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7 Free Activities In San Diego To Make The Most Of February

Have all the fun without breaking the bank.

Traveling doesn't always have to be expensive. If you're visiting the Golden State, we've got some fun suggestions to add to your bucket list. These free things to do in San Diego prove you don't have to break the bank to have fun. Who's up for a day trip?

From contemporary art museums to sprawling lush green parks, beautiful white sand beaches, and local concerts, you will find a little bit of everything to see and do here.

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You Can Sip Mimosas While Surrounded By Exotic Animals In This California Treehouse

Snag a seat on the terrace for max jungle vibes. 🐯 🌴

Have you ever daydreamed about dining in a lost forest overlooking a private waterfall? Your fantasy is probably a lot closer than you imagined. This San Diego Zoo restaurant seems too good to be true. You can sip mimosas while surrounded by exotic animals! 

Since there's plenty of open-air seating at Albert's, you can get the best seat in the house to spot all of your favorite jungle animals below. 

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You Can Eat Dinner In A Glowing Dome Under The Stars In California Next Year

It’s pure magic!

If you’re anything like us, you’re always on the look for the next amazing adventure or a completely unique experience. We’ve found something truly amazing. Dinner With A View is a gorgeous dome pop-up that’s coming to San Diego’s Liberty Station early next year.

Dining in a dome is super-trendy right now for multiple reasons. Just go on Instagram, look up bubble restaurants, and you’ll see what we mean. If you want to experience it for yourself, now’s your chance.

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This 150-Foot Waterfall Hike Is Only An Hour Away From San Diego

It cascades down in three tiers.

One of the best things about California is that you can explore beautiful hikes year-round. While the east coast is getting a super cold winter, Cali locals are sitting pretty. If you’re in the mood for adventure, we’ve found a 150-foot-tall waterfall near San Diego. It’s honestly the perfect hidden gem. 

Three Sisters Waterfall Hike is a 4.5-mile hike with an elevation gain of 997 feet. You’ll find the falls near San Diego, in the city of Descanso. You can find full directions on how to reach the hike here.

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