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Sasha Exeter Claims She’s Getting Threatening Messages Amid Jessica Mulroney Scandal

Internet trolls are sending disturbing emails to her.

This is getting serious. Sasha Exeter and Jessica Mulroney were engaged in a public scandal last week when the fashion stylist was accused of engaging in white privilege behaviour. The Toronto based blogger bravely called out Mulroney's negative actions, but it seems now she is receiving a slew of hate for speaking up. 

On June 11, Exeter posted a lengthy IGTV video explaining how Mulroney used "textbook white privilege" to defend herself for not speaking out about the Black Lives Matter movement.

The interaction came after Exeter posted a general call to action for fellow influencers that Mulroney interpreted as a blatant callout to her.

In her video, Exeter explains that Mulroney threatened her business and livelihood by engaging in "a series of very problematic behaviour and antics that ultimately resulted in her sending me a threat in writing." 

Shortly after the video was posted, Mulroney wrote a public apology to the founder of SoSasha in the comments. But a little while later, she sent a private DM to Exeter threatening a libel lawsuit. 

Mulroney then issued another public apology on her profile, but it seems that wasn't enough to take back what she had already done.

Within a day, CTV & Bell Media cancelled her show I Do, Redo. Shortly after, other companies including Hudson's Bay, Cityline, and Good Morning America also announced they would no longer be working with the fashion stylist.

However, now it seems Exeter is battling trolls of her own.

According to the Toronto Sun, the mom of one posted on her Instagram stories this week that she has been up early to respond to internet trolls and hateful emails.

"Threats to my personal safety will not be tolerated," Exeter said.

"I was totally prepared to be bullied and I knew I was opening myself up to being criticized by people who don’t really understand why I did what I did."

She continued, "The comments on my post are getting quite vicious, and a lot of the comments have now left Instagram and gone over to my email. So this entire weekend I’ve been responding to the disturbing emails I’ve been getting."

Mulroney claims that she'll be taking a break from social media and is willing to have Exeter take over her account in order to tell her story.