Here Is What An $800 Apartment In Georgia Looks Like & TikTok Has Lots To Say About It

"It look like it smells like cigarettes 💀😭"

A screenshot from Marre's TikTok. Right: The kitchen in the cheap Savannah apartment.
Georgia Contributing Writer

A screenshot from Marre's TikTok. Right: The kitchen in the cheap Savannah apartment.

With rental prices skyrocketing all across the Southern U.S., it is more difficult than ever to find a decent apartment listed at an affordable price.

TikTok user Marre (@marre.xm), who specializes in reviewing cheap apartments in American cities, decided to take a closer look at an apartment in Savannah, GA.

The "large one-bedroom" floor plan at Forest Hills Apartments is 675 square feet and available to rent for only $845 a month.

The first thing Marre notes during the virtual tour walkthrough is that the front door looks "cheap." He also notes that he is not a fan of the carpeting or the exposed brick accent wall in the common area.


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The kitchen didn't pass the test either.

"The kitchen looks very bland and basic," Marre notes. "For $800 I feel like y'all could have done a lot better."

The TikToker admits that despite the tiny closets and another brick accent wall, the main bedroom is "not bad" for the price point. "The space in here is not bad though for $800. It is a nice room, but I do not like those wooden doors," he vents.

Moving onto the bathroom, the content creator notes that the space doesn't appear to be dirty, so he "is not mad." However, unevenness in the ceiling is a point of concern.

Users in the comment section agreed the apartment is less than ideal.

"Savannah is very pricey and the apartments are all outdated unless ur downtown," one commenter shared.

"I’m from Sav and most of the cheap rentals are old and not updated 👎🏻," another local agreed.

"It look like it smells like cigarettes 💀😭," a user commented about the aesthetic of the apartment in the previously mentioned video.

Marre concludes the video tour by saying, overall, he would pay $500 for the space instead of the $845 price the listing is asking for.

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
Maeve Browne is a Contributing Writer for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on food and Internet trends and is based in Savannah, Georgia.