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Shay Mitchell Says She’s Already Teaching Her Daughter About Activism & Black Lives Matter

"I think it’s important that we read books and she sees people that all look different."

Starting young! Shay Mitchell recently shared that she and her boyfriend Matte Babel are already teaching their eight-month-old daughter Atlas about activism and Black Lives Matter. The Canadian actress said that it's never too early to start teaching the little one, even though she can't respond.

In an interview with Page Six, Mitchell explained what she and her boyfriend of three years have been doing to educate their daughter. 

"Right now the books we are reading to her, one that we have is A is for Activist. You know, speaking up about things that we believe and that are important," Mitchell said. 

She added, "I think there’s never an age where they are too young to have those discussions regardless if she can answer back or not."

Page Six writes that 33-year-old Mitchell is Irish, Scottish, and Filipino, while 39-year-old Babel also comes from a mixed heritage. 

"I think it’s important that we read books and she sees people that all look different and she knows that no matter what you look like, everybody should be treated equally," Mitchell said. "She should be able to love and be loved for who they are."

The Pretty Little Liars star also added that both her and Babel's parents are in interracial relationships.

However, she feels fortunate that discrimination is "just something that we've never witnessed thankfully."

When it came to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, Mitchell told Page Six that she "didn’t think twice" about it and has always used her platform to speak up about things she felt were important, including this human rights issue.

In early June, the mom of one posted a photo of her boyfriend and daughter together.

She added in the caption, "I am hopeful that the next generation will abandon the prejudices of the past, and embrace and accept people based on who they are, versus the colour of their skin."

Mitchell added, "Black or White. It doesn’t matter. All she sees are people who love her. Racism is a learned behavior. It starts and stops at home."

Mitchell gave birth to her daughter Atlas in October 2019 and soon shared that the baby's very first trip was to Vancouver to visit her grandmother. 

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