Nick Nurse is standing by his actions during Wednesday night's nail-biting game after a Celtics player called out the Toronto Raptors coaching staff.

In a video shared by a Forbes Sports reporter, Nurse can be seen standing close to the action on the sideline during the last quarter of Game 6.

So close, in fact, that Boston's Jason Tatum tried to pass the ball to him, accidentally mistaking Nurse for his teammate.

Evidently, Jaylen Brown of the Celtics didn't like that. He later made a pointed comment about it to reporters.

I think there's a lot of emotions. It's very intense. ... Grown men should be able to control themselves, especially coaching staffs.

Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics

Tatum himself seemed to brush the incident off, saying it was his own fault, not Nurse's, according to The Athletic's Jay King.

When asked if he thought he did anything wrong, Nick Nurse was having none of it, saying no, they were "just competing."

Via Forbes Sports 
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