Maybe the curious creature just wanted to join the Air Force? This polar bear in Canada went up to a parked Royal Canadian Air Force helicopter and beat it up.

On Twitter, the Royal Canadian Air Force shared the story of an interesting incident between a polar bear and one of its helicopters.

Back on September 16, a crew parked their helicopter at an airfield in Saglek, Newfoundland & Labrador, because of bad weather.

Then during the night, a "curious" polar bear stumbled upon the aircraft, inspected it and caused a bit of superficial damage in the process.

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This curious bear pushed on a side door, popped out an emergency exit window and removed a small cover panel on the aircraft's nose.

All that was left behind from the animal were huge muddy paw prints on the popped out window and the outside of the helicopter.

Pictures posted by the Royal Canadian Air Force show the damage and the massive paw prints.

The polar bear didn't get inside and no crew members were in the area at the time.

Repairs were done after an inspection and then the crew resumed their two-week mountain flying search and rescue exercise.

It's no surprise that there was an encounter with this curious animal.

About 60% of Earth's polar bears spend most of their time here in the True North and Canada is home to the polar bear capital of the world.

Polar bear photo used for illustrative purposes.