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St. John's Apartment Rentals For Under $1000 Are Actually Really Nice

Finding a new place to live can be both an exciting and exhausting experience. The places you love might cost too much, and the more affordable ones could not be up to your standards. However, St. John's apartment rentals seem to actually satisfy both criteria.

Newfoundland's capital city actually has plenty of great places to live, and the prices make them even more desirable.

St. John's was  recently found to have the cheapest apartment rentals out of 24 major Canadian markets.

The average price for a one-bedroom in the city is around $860, while a two-bedroom will run you somewhere in the neighbourhood of $910.

You might be wondering if the apartments are even worth living in for prices like that. Surprisingly, the modestly priced units are actually pretty nice.

Whereas a $900 a month apartment might raise some suspicion in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, the places in St. John's would actually be quite comfortable.

You might have to deal with some intense winter weather during the snowy season, but you could end up saving so much money on rent every month.

These are just some of the least expensive apartments available in the city, and they might have you considering a move out east.

177 Forest Road

[image 5eece63718f63a0332557c02]

Price: $820 to $960

What's not to love about this place? Especially with those newly renovated kitchens that feature modern appliances (plus a dishwasher, which is like finding solid gold in a rental). You can even get a lake view.

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181 Blackmarsh Road

[image 5eece74445e938040fc9d07f]

Price: $995

Getting a two-bedroom apartment for under a grand a month may seem unrealistic, but this lovely and spacious unit proves that they do exist. Not to mention the parking spot is included, which makes this an even rarer find.

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170 Torbay Road

[image 5eece79ab68b1304b3937caa]

Price: $880 to $960

These two-bedroom apartments range in price, but you're still paying under a thousand a month for so much room. A number of units in the building have had their kitchens upgraded, plus residents get access to a fitness room.

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279, 285, 293 Freshwater Road

[image 5eece80745e938040fc9d09d]

Price: $845 to $950

These three buildings have a range of apartments to choose from including both one and two-bedroom units. They include hardwood floors throughout and residents have access to a gym.

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27 Pasadena Crescent

[image 5eece88045e938040fc9d0af]

Price: $900

Yet again, a two-bedroom unit is going for less than a grand. Not only that, but this building also offers a free month if you sign a 12-month lease, saving you even more money.

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28 Lady Anderson Street

[image 5eece989b68b1304b3937cdc]

Price: $900

It may be a basement apartment, but unlike the ones you might find in Toronto, it doesn't have a four-digit price tag. On top of two bedrooms, a private deck, and a kitchen with a dishwasher, you also get cable and internet included in your rent.

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145 Portugal Cove Road

[image 5eeceabaab9fb90452cdfba3]

Price: $900

Finally, this is another basement apartment in a house, only you get three bedrooms for just $900 a month. Plus, this apartment also bundles cable and internet into your monthly rent. What more could you ask for?

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