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Canada’s Cheapest Major City To Rent In Has Entire Homes For Just $860 A Month (VIDEO)

Imagine paying so little each month!
The Cheapest Rent In Canada Is On The East Coast Where Apartments Go For $860 A Month

It’s hard to imagine paying under $1,000 to live in a decent apartment these days. However, there are some places where that’s still a reality. The cheapest rent in Canada can be found out on the east coast, and a one-bedroom space costs practically nothing!

According to Padmapper, St. John's has the cheapest apartments out of 24 major Canadian cities. The median price for a single bedroom apartment in Newfoundland's capital city is just $860 a month.

If you're thinking about a two-bedroom in St. John's, you'll have to pay slightly more, as the median price sits at $910.

What makes those prices even more impressive is that they actually mark an increase from previous years.

Toronto residents are probably looking at that number and contemplating why they don't just pack their bags and head toward the Atlantic.

The average rent for apartments in the 6ix is actually on a downward trend, but it still left one and two-bedroom units priced at around $2,180 and $2,800, respectively.

Canada's next most expensive major city, Vancouver, also saw a slight decrease in prices. However, that just left the standard rent prices at around $2,100 and $3,000.

It may be one of Canada's most popular cities, but there's no denying that it isn't cheap!

For example, you could rent this one-bedroom apartment in St. John's for just $785 per month, and it's in a great location!

You can also find a three-bedroom house for just $850 per month, which is extremely affordable for a home of this size.

If you really wanted to splurge, you could rent a whole mini-mansion for just $2,200 per month. Here, you'd get four bedrooms and four bathrooms, and your pets can come, too! 

Eat your heart out, Toronto.

Inexpensive living spaces aren't just available in Newfoundland, though. Saskatoon and Regina also ranked among some of the cheapest cities to live in. 

Both Edmonton and Calgary have reasonable rates for apartments too, with their median one-bedroom prices sitting at $950 and $1,100.

St. John's Rentals

Price: From just $750 per month

Description: If you can handle the intense winter weather (and get used to some of the more regional phrases and accents), then you could definitely save a ton of money out east!

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