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A Suspected Poacher Has Died After Being Killed By Elephants In South Africa

They were fleeing from Rangers when they "ran into a herd of elephants."
Suspected Poacher Tramped By Elephants In South Africa Has Died

A suspected poacher has died after being “badly trampled” by a herd of elephants in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

A news release from South African National Parks (SANParks) explained that on Saturday, April 17, Field Rangers were on a routine patrol when they detected a group of suspected poachers. 

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The statement explained that the suspected poachers had “dropped an axe and a bag with their provisions” while they were fleeing from rangers. A rifle was also recovered from the scene.

One of the suspects was arrested and rangers were informed that the group had “run into a herd of elephants.” 

"The rangers discovered his accomplice badly trampled and who had unfortunately succumbed to his injuries," the park confirmed. A third suspect also received injuries but was able to flee, reads the report.

The park's response

Kruger National Park executive Gareth Coleman said that the situation was “unfortunate,” but added that he was “proud of the teamwork and dedication of our Rangers Corp, our aviators and the K9 unit.”

“Only through discipline, teamwork and tenacity will we be able to help stem the tide of rhino poaching in [Kruger National Park],” Coleman concluded.

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