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Moving to Vancouver was an experience through which I learned a lot about money — and more specifically, how to spend less of it in one of Canada's most expensive cities.

The cost of living in Vancouver is honestly upsetting, but I'm fortunate to have a partner with whom I can split rent, grocery runs, and more. Another thing worth noting is we made the move while rent was still pretty low due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so I have fewer financial stressors than many folks in the city.

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Costs all over Canada are rising, from pricey chicken at grocery stores to higher bills when eating out. With expensive rent on top of it all, it's safe to say a lot of people are frustrated.

A restaurant in Victoria got real about why they are charging $21.50 for a burger and fries these days. They broke down the cost of making the one meal, and there are so many more expenses than you'd think.

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Times are tough — the cost of living in Vancouver is super high, lettuce is suddenly a luxury and searching for reasonable rent feels like fairy hunting.

If you're looking for a side hustle in Vancouver to bring in a little extra cash, there are part-time and auxiliary jobs in B.C. that you can work on the side of your usual gig. Whether you're a student or a 9-5 office worker, there are options out there that range in commitment to suit your lifestyle.

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Vancouver's cost of living is no joke, and this TikToker broke down what a realistic budget is for someone making around $40,000 a year living in the pricey city.

People feeling the struggle of rising grocery costs in Canada were shocked to find out she only budgets $300 per month for it, so Narcity got some tips from the TikToker, @chelseaspursuit, on how she makes it happen — and it could save you some serious cash.

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With Vancouver rental prices and the cost of living at an unappealing high, many locals are looking to move out to greener (and cheaper) pastures in the Vancouver area. To help inform your decision on where to settle down, this Vancouver Reddit thread is offering up a bounty of wisdom and neighbourly insight.

Beautiful B.C. lives up to its provincial license plate slogan, and there are stunning places just a few stops down the SkyTrain line that cost a heck of a lot less to live in than it does to rent downtown.

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