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Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos says that Canadians will likely never be considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and that the government's understanding of an "up-to-date" vaccination status has also shifted.

In a press conference on Thursday, June 30, Duclos talked about the current vaccination rates in Canada and went over what the future might look like.

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Heads up Albertans, those who live in the province now need to prove that they have two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in order to go to places like restaurants and movie theatres.

Starting on Monday, October 25, those living in Alberta need to be fully vaccinated in order to enter businesses and venues that are participating in the province's Restrictions Exemption Program.

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As of September 22, Ontario vaccine certificates will officially come into effect across the province. This means that residents will need to show proof of vaccination to get into multiple establishments including restaurants and gyms.

We asked you on Instagram what you wanted to know about the new certificates and have answered all your questions below.

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The Ontario government has just released a change of the self-isolation rules in Ontario if a close contact has been exposed to COVID-19.

In several documents emailed to Narcity on Wednesday, August 11, the province revealed a new set of rules for what Ontarians will have to do if they were in close contact with someone who tested positive with COVID-19 or if they share a household with someone who was exposed to the virus.

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When it comes to getting vaccinated in Canada, Justin Trudeau said that there are "no more excuses" for staying unvaccinated.

During a press conference on July 27, the prime minister announced that Canada has now received enough COVID-19 vaccine doses — over 66 million to be exact — to be able to fully vaccinate everyone in the country who's eligible.

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