Ontario's chief medical officer of health shared some tips for residents looking to get their COVID-19 vaccination record — in case you ever need proof.

While Doug Ford has explicitly said that Ontario will not roll out any kind of vaccine passport for residents, Dr. Kieran Moore noted there is an easy way to get your vaccination receipt, if you want it.

"Anyone that wants their certificates of vaccination, you can download it to get your two-dose documentation. You can use that as validation that you have been vaccinated, if that is ever required," said Moore during Tuesday's press conference.

"That means of validating has always been present and it's downloadable through the Ontario.ca website. I've done the same and printed them out to have them if I'm ever asked, either in a workplace and/or if I'm travelling," he added.

How can you download your receipt?

Fully-vaccinated Ontarians can log onto the provincial portal and download or print out their electronic COVID-19 receipt, a process that requires an individual's OHIP card, date of birth and postal code.

Once signed in, users are granted access to a vaccination receipt section which, when clicked on, tells you the type of vaccine you received and the date it was given.

Ontario Government

From there, you can just download the receipt and store it in your wallet or purse for easy access in case anyone ever asks.

Ontario Government

After that, you're good to go!