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Ontario Man Charged After Allegedly Showing A Fake Vaccine Certificate To Keep His Job

The 30-year-old paramedic has been charged for "fraud-related offences."

An Ontario Man Has Been Charged After Showing A Fake Vaccine Certificate To Keep His Job

An Ottawa paramedic has been arrested and charged for allegedly forging a fake vaccine certificate.

Ottawa police released a report on October 28 confirming 30-year-old Ali Abdelgani has been charged "for fraud-related offences following an investigation that commenced earlier this month."

Police received a tip from the City of Ottawa on October 21 that a male paramedic had shown a "fraudulent vaccine certificate" to keep his job.

All Ottawa city employees must be fully vaccinated or provide a medical exemption as of November 1, according to the City of Ottawa.

Any employees who refuse to do so or attend a mandatory education session "will not be permitted in the workplace and may be subject to a variety of consequences, which can include leave without pay or discipline, up to and including dismissal."

The Ontario government also requires paramedics to have an implemented vaccination policy.

Ottawa Paramedic Service Professional Standards Section investigated Abdelgani and found he submitted forged documents for his proof of vaccination, "falsely attesting that he had received two doses of vaccination for COVID-19 at a Provincial Vaccine Clinic."

Abdelgani was charged on October 27 with uttering a forged document, obtain by false pretense, and forgery.

The paramedic was released "on an Undertaking with conditions" and will have his court date at a later time, according to police.

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