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This Is How Businesses In BC Will Verify Whether Your Proof Of Vaccination Is Valid Or Not

If you are planning to hit the town in British Columbia this month, you'll need to be sure to have your proof of vaccination on hand.

Starting September 13, several settings including restaurants, ticketed sporting events, clubs, and gyms will require the province's new vaccine passport.

During a press conference on September 7, provincial officials released more details about B.C.'s vaccine card, which will come in digital or paper form and will prove whether you've been partially, fully, or not vaccinated against COVID-19.

When you arrive at a place that requires the vaccine passport, you'll need to have it ready.

This Is How Businesses In BC Will Verify Whether Your Proof Of Vaccination Is Valid Or Not Government of British Columbia

You will be asked to display your B.C. vaccine card along with a piece of valid photo government ID. However, those aged 12-18 do not need to show ID.

The business will then either scan the QR code from your digital card or visually verify your paper copy.

According to the government, businesses will verify your vaccination status by using an app that will read the vaccine card. The app will be available for them to download on September 13.

It should be noted that from September 13 until September 26, B.C. residents will still be able to use the paper record provided at a dose one or dose two vaccine appointment if they do not have their official B.C. vaccine card just yet.

And just a reminder, if you are planning to head out in B.C. this month, the province also brought back a mask mandate on August 25 for all indoor public spaces, so be sure to have your face-covering on hand in addition to your vaccine passport.

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