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Tory Calls For Vaccine Passports In Ontario As More Places Require Proof Of Vaccination

The mayor says he has "absolutely no idea whatsoever what the controversy is about."

Vaccine Passports In Ontario Should Be Made Available Says Toronto Mayor
Tory Calls For Vaccine Passports In Ontario As More Places Require Proof ...
Toronto Associate Editor

Toronto Mayor John Tory is calling on the provincial government to provide COVID-19 vaccine passports to Ontarians.

In an interview with CP24 on Wednesday, the mayor said he has "absolutely no idea whatsoever what the controversy is about here" when it comes to providing vaccine passports.

"The bottom line is that if there are people including governments out there who are going to ask you to show that you've been vaccinated or not as just a practical means, then the same government, the provincial government in this case, has to provide something to people to be able to show they've been vaccinated," said Tory.

"Who else is going to provide the proof of vaccination? The province has all of the records in their system of exactly who got vaccinated, where and when and how many times."

Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore said in a press conference on Tuesday that the provincial government has not yet considered vaccine passports.

Some places in Toronto are already requiring proof of vaccination

"You have places like Seneca College saying that 'if you're going to be on campus we need you to show us that you've been vaccinated.' We have some businesses that have begun to say this," said Tory.

Earlier this week, Seneca's president, David Agnew, announced that vaccinations will be a condition for all students and staff to return to campus this upcoming term.

According to a report, Filmores strip club in Toronto has also announced its plan to require guests to have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to enter when it reopens, and the manager says that other strip clubs in the city intend to do the same.

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