Trudeau Just Shared What Canada's 'Proof Of Vaccination' System For Travel Will Look Like

The first phase will be in place "in the coming weeks," said Trudeau.

Trudeau Just Shared What Canada's 'Proof Of Vaccination' System For Travel Will Look Like

On Friday, June 18, Justin Trudeau explained what Canada's proof of vaccination system will look like in regards to international travel.

Speaking at a press conference, the prime minister said that "in the initial phase we're going to be working with the ArriveCAN app in ways that people can upload an image of their paper proof of vaccination or online proof of vaccination so that the border agents, on their return to Canada, can verify indeed that they are fully vaccinated."

He said that this will be in place in the coming weeks "so that people can have a few more options if they are fully vaccinated this summer."

As for the next phase, which is intended to start in the fall, Trudeau is working with the provinces to "establish a national certification of vaccination status that will be easily accepted around the world for people who need to travel internationally."

He said that the provinces have your health data and vaccination status, so it's important for everyone to work together on this. The government is working on "getting a clear federal notification that other countries can see that you've been fully vaccinated."

An announcement is coming Monday

While Trudeau did share some details about what international travel will look like for fully vaccinated Canadians, the government says there is more information to come.

On Friday, June 18, Minister Bill Blair said that the federal government will be making an announcement about "measures for fully vaccinated Canadians, Permanent Residents, and others who are currently permitted to enter Canada." This update is slated for Monday, June 21.

Blair shared this news on the same day that he announced that Canada had extended international travel restrictions until July 21. The extension was met backlash from a U.S. politician who called the way that border measures have been handled between Canada and the U.S. "unacceptable."