A US Politician Just Publicly Blasted The 'Bullsh*t' Extension Of Border Restrictions

The Canada-U.S. border won't be open until at least late July.

A US Politician Just Publicly Blasted The 'Bullsh*t' Extension Of Border Restrictions
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After the announcement that the Canada-U.S. border is not opening for at least another month, a U.S. politician took to Twitter to go off about the restrictions being extended.

New York congressman Brian Higgins tweeted, "There's no other way to say it: another month's delay is bullsh*t."

Higgins and Michigan congressman Bill Huizenga, the co-chairs of the Canada-U.S. Interparliamentary Group, released a statement after the announcement on June 18 that travel restrictions between Canada and the U.S. have been extended to July 21, 2021.

"While the arrival of vaccines in record time has been a modern marvel, the inability of the U.S. and Canadian governments to reach an agreement on alleviating border restrictions or aligning additional essential traveler classes is simply unacceptable," they said.

Higgins and Huizenga also said that people in both countries are counting on there to be a "clear roadmap" about reopening the border.

"The lack of transparency surrounding these negotiations is a disservice to our constituents and the millions of residents on both sides of the border waiting to see their loved ones, visit their property, and renew business ties," they said.

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