In a new interview, Justin Trudeau has revealed that COVID-19 vaccine passports in Canada are "very likely" in the future.

Speaking on The Brandon Gonez Show on May 9, the prime minister confirmed that Canada continues to discuss the concept of vaccine passports for travel with other countries around the world.

Trudeau began by explaining that every country will make its own decision when it comes to vaccine passports and travel, noting that countries are "allowed [...] to say 'we're not letting you in if you don't have vaccinations.'"

"The idea of international travel that requires a certificate of vaccination is reasonable," he added.

The PM went on to reveal that it's "very likely" Canada will get to a place where it requires fully vaccinated travellers to show proof of vaccination before they're able to enter the country.

When asked whether Canadians could be turned away from other countries without proof of vaccination, Trudeau responded that it would be "[the country's] decision."

This comes just weeks after the PM revealed that travel could be possible in summer 2021, as long as "everything goes well."