20% Of ‘Vaccine-Hesitant’ Canadians Say They'd Lie About Vaccination Status To Travel

Justin Trudeau previously said that vaccine passports are "very likely."

20% Of ‘Vaccine-Hesitant’ Canadians Say They'd Lie About Vaccination Status To Travel
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Some Canadians who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 would be prepared to lie about their vaccination status in order to go abroad, a new study has found.

Research conducted by the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THIA), as part of a wider survey, found that one in five "vaccine-hesitant" Canadians would be prepared to fake it if it became essential to be vaccinated to travel.

On the other hand, approximately one in three unvaccinated Canadians surveyed said they would get a COVID-19 vaccine if it meant they could travel internationally.

This comes shortly after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested that vaccine passports in Canada are "very likely," and the easing of travel rules would be "focused on Canadians who are fully vaccinated."

From July 2021, the federal government is also set to lift some travel restrictions for fully vaccinated Canadian citizens and permanent residents, including the mandatory hotel quarantine period.

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Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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