Trudeau Wants You To Convince Your 'Crusty Old Uncle’ To Get Vaccinated (VIDEO)

"This is how we get through it."

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Justin Trudeau Says Tell Your 'Crusty Old Uncle' To Get Vaccinated

If you have a "crusty old uncle" who is resistant to getting a COVID-19 vaccine, Justin Trudeau wants you to convince them to get vaccinated.

During a conversation on ET Canada, he talked about Canada's vaccination effort and said that Canadians across the country are coming out in "such strong numbers" to get doses but there's still more that can be done.

According to the prime minister, the way to get back to normal is to make sure everyone gets doses.

"Even that crusty old uncle who resists or that friend who's skeptical," Trudeau said. "Encourage them, convince them, tell them that they need to go vaccinated because this is how we get through it."

He noted that getting a COVID-19 vaccine is doing your part because the country can't get through the pandemic unless a huge chunk of the population gets the first dose and then the second dose a little while after.

Lisa Belmonte
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