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You May Need A 'COVID Vaccine Passport' If You Wish To Travel The World In 2021

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You May Need A 'COVID Vaccine Passport' If You Wish To Travel The World In 2021

COVID-19 vaccines are now being received across the globe, and you may need to prove you have gotten one before reviving your previously-ruined 2020 travel plans.

Recent reports confirm that some major airlines may require you to show a "vaccine passport" in order for you to board your plane for international travel.

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In order to end mask-wearing, reopen the economy, schools, restaurants, travel, and more, many organizations will require COVID-19 vaccine verification Isaac S. Daniel, CEO of International Health and Wellness 

Wold Health Access (WHA) announced VAX Passbook and VAX Passcard will be releasing the first-ever COVID vaccination verification booklets and cards.

The passbook comes in the form of a booklet and shows records of every vaccine the owner has received, while the card provides similar information but in the form of a credit card.

Some companies are even creating smartphone apps to help make vaccine passports just a little easier and more modern.

One company known as The Common Trust Network has teamed up with multiple airlines including United, Jetblue, and Virgin Atlantic to create an app called CommonPass.

The app is currently in development and will securely and reliably show your COVID-19 status, whether it be test results or a vaccination.

Your current COVID-19 status could even be verified before you can check in on your flight.

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