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Canadians Want Vaccine Passports For Travel Way More Than Americans Do

Canadians are pretty keen on providing vaccination proof for a whole bunch of different activities.

Leger306 released a survey on Wednesday, May 26, that explores how the feelings of Canadians and Americans compare in regards to needing proof of COVID-19 vaccination for various activities.

As it turns out, Canadians are more likely than Americans to support the requirement of vaccine proof for things like travel and in-person university classes.


In regards to travel by plane, 82% of Canadian respondents would support needing proof of COVID-19 vaccination to make the trip. Only 65% of Americans surveyed said the same.

Canadians were also highly likely to support the requirement of vaccine proof to attending events with large crowds. For this, 75% of Canadians who were asked said they would be in support and 59% of Americans agreed.

While more than half of respondents in both countries said that they would be okay with needing to provide proof of vaccination to dine in restaurants, it is the activity on the list that received the least support.