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Quebec Could Launch A Vaccine Passport This Fall & This Is When It'll Be Used

It will only need to be used in very specific situations.

According to an official release, vaccine passports in Quebec could start being used by September 1 for certain activities in specific situations.

Quebec says the passports will only be used if there is a negative change in the epidemiological situation of a region, that they won't be required for public or essential services, and they'll only become necessary when access to two doses of vaccine have been offered to the entire population aged 12 and older.

The province plans for the documentation to be used in certain non-essential settings. These include high-risk activities where there are a limited number of people — like gyms, team sports practices, bars and restaurants — and moderate or low-risk activities where there are large groups of people — like festivals, major events and sports games.

Quebec's provincial website explains that a vaccine passport is different from the proof of vaccination that people get after they've received a vaccine dose. It's an official document certifying that someone is protected against COVID-19 and it won't include personal information.

Quebec isn't the only place in Canada to introduce a vaccine passport. In June, Manitoba also launched its own official immunization card, which allows fully vaccinated residents to skip the two-week self-isolation period when they return to the province after travelling. More benefits will be added in the near future, according to the province.