ontario grocery shopping

It's no secret that the cost of Ontario groceries is a hot-button issue right now. Prices are so sky-high that people regularly take to social media to show how much their essentials set them back.

In fact, someone recently shared a photo of what $40 bought them at their local grocer up north on Reddit, and the thread now has over 1,200 comments.

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Ontario's high cost of living has officially turned posting grocery hauls on social media into a thing, and people aren't even mad about it. In fact, they want to know the tea on your diet.

For example, someone recently shared a photo of what $101 gets you at a FreshCo in North Bay on Reddit, and people were blown away by the haul. They got major brownie points for scoring fresh produce, items whose price points have been the source of contention lately.

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Saving money has been an ongoing conversation for people in Ontario, especially when it comes to their weekly groceries.

Statistics Canada released its monthly consumer price index (CPI) in September, which shed light on inflation in Canada and the rise in grocery prices.

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