A No Frills Shopper Found A Chicken For $34 & People Are Comparing It To Restaurant Prices

"Is that a famous chicken or something?"

No Frills store in Toronto.
Associate Editor

No Frills store in Toronto.

A No Frills shopper made an unexpected discovery that has once again brought high grocery prices in Ontario under the spotlight.

They shared their find of a $34.40 seasoned chicken at No Frills on Reddit, and many people started to compare the price to simply going out for dinner at an Ontario restaurant instead.

In the original post, the Redditor posted a picture of the uncooked chicken and called its hefty price tag "madness."

The photo shows a whole uncooked chicken weighing about 2.4 kilograms with piri piri seasoning on it. The price per kilogram on the label is $14.31.

Hundreds of people have already commented on the post with their reactions.

"I can buy a whole cooked Piri Piri chicken for $20 at a restaurant down the street from me. I get that costs are rising but this is ridiculous," one person commented on the thread.

Many Redditors pointed out the affordability of restaurant options compared to grocery store prices.

One commenter noted, "You can buy whole roasted, cooked chicken for under $10," while another added, "They sell cooked Piri Piri roast chicken at Loblaws for $12.99."

The sentiment was echoed by users who emphasized the cost-effectiveness of buying whole chickens at popular destinations such as Costco and Farm Boy.

"You can get marinated spatchcock chickens for like $14 at Farm Boy," one person suggested.

"I just got 3 whole chickens at Costco for 35 bucks 3 weeks ago. This price is very insane," another said.

However, many people also pointed out that the size and weight of the No Frills chicken could be a factor for its high price.

"Not taking away that prices are through the roof, but that's a 4 1/2 pound chicken," someone wrote. (In fact, the chicken in the photo is about 5.3 pounds.)

"Still expensive, but not completely insane," another person wrote.

No Frills, which is owned by Loblaw Companies Limited, has come under fire recently for its inflated prices of $39 for 3 litres of olive oil, with many people choosing to blame Loblaws CEO Galen Weston.

Narcity recently compared prices at No Frills to Food Basics, only to find that No Frills was, in fact, the more expensive option.

Rhythm Sachdeva
Associate Editor
Rhythm Sachdeva was an Associate Editor for Narcity Media Group based in Toronto.