The Price Of No Name Chips Has Toronto Grocery Shoppers Fuming & Thinking Of Quitting Snacks

"I’m old enough to remember when these chips only cost 99c, a year ago."

The aisles of a grocery store in Toronto, Ontario.

The aisles of a grocery store in Toronto, Ontario.

For many grocery shoppers in Ontario frustration with Loblaws, its outgoing President Galen Weston Jr., and prices for its products and those of its generic No Name brand have been building for months.

The latest example of this now comes from the snack aisle, where someone found a No Name bag of chips being sold at a price they felt was far too high, and other shoppers seem to totally agree.

A shopper took to the Toronto Reddit page to share a picture and voice their displeasure at the fact that the generic brand of chips was on sale for 2 for $5, or one bag for $2.99.

"I’m old enough to remember when these chips only cost 99c," wrote Reddit user Ourkidof91, clarifying that his memory of much lower prices isn't all that distant, and goes back to just 2022.

Just like we've seen with other inflated prices of other No Name products, people chimed in with their own memories of past prices to compare.

"2 for $5?! You used to get the brand name Lays Ruffles etc at that price or sometimes 3 for 7," reads one of the top liked comments on the post.

While it's not clear what store these chips were spotted in, other shoppers chimed in to share similar and even more expensive prices for bags of chips they've seen recently.

"I saw them at Walmart yesterday, 3 for $10 😒," another person commented.

One shopper event noticed a steep price increase at Fresh Co, which is branded as Sobey's "deep discount" supermarket chain.

"Freshco no-name chips went from $0.99 to $1.49," they wrote. "50% increase in less than two years!"

Others just reverted back to the consistent frustration we've seen expressed at the No Name brand, or Loblaws in general.

"'We're not raising prices!' -No Frills, about a month before they would begin to raise prices weekly," another shopper wrote on this post.

But it seems for some, these prices are leading to another unfortunate outcome, which is giving up snacks like chips, simply because they've become so expensive.

"It's a lot easier to cut out junk food now that they're unaffordable. The food industry is actually helping us eat healthier," one person said.

Another admitted that they, "straight up don't eat chips anymore," and ended their comment with, "Thanks Galen!"

For those still desperate for an affordable snack, others in the Reddit thread suggested switching to Dollarama for your snacking needs.

Stuart McGinn
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