TikTokers Are Getting Real About What Inflation Looks Like In Canadian Grocery Stores (VIDEOS)

"I don't think diaper wipes should be a luxury item."

Fruits and vegetables on display in a grocery store. Right: TikToker arielandapparel talking about grocery shopping tips.
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Fruits and vegetables on display in a grocery store. Right: TikToker arielandapparel talking about grocery shopping tips.

Inflation in Canada is currently through the roof and Canadian shoppers are definitely feeling the pinch.

In light of this, many have taken to TikTok to capture just how much everyday grocery items are costing them at big Canadian retailers and how much they've been spending — or overspending.

To put things in context, the inflation rate in Canada rose to 8.1% in June 2022, according to Statistics Canada.

Most of that is being felt in the price of fuel, energy and basic supermarket essentials.

From eyebrow-raising prices for staple products like diaper wipes and grocery bags to ridiculously expensive weekly costs for a single person living by themselves, here are seven TikToks that sum up the situation at the moment.


Hang in there friends. #grocery #groceryinflation #inflation #canada #yyc

This TikToker living in Calgary stated that she spent $76.71 at Co-op for just 14 items. And this is with her purposely shopping on Tuesdays, when she says many of the products were on sale.

"My luxury item was Parmesan cheese, and I guess you could say my other luxury item was the diaper wipes, which is sad," she said. "I don't think diaper wipes should be a luxury item."


Is it inflation or inflammation? #canadatiktok #inflation2022 #canadaproblems #groceryshopping #saveonfoods #fyp #help

We can all probably relate to this TikToker's frustration. Just buying tomatoes, two onions and garbage bags ended up costing $37.

"Save-On-Foods, how are you still legally allowed to call yourself that?" she asked. "I'm going to start calling you Lose-Your-Money."


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This TikToker recreated what groceries they could buy for $100 back in 2019 and compared it to what that money gets in 2022 — and the difference is startling.


I bet my teenagers will have these gone in 10 minutes #canadaliving #inflation #beautifulbc #foodtiktok #grapes #momsoftiktok #canadalife

How about this Canadian mom's pure joy at finding grapes that were "on sale for a normal price" in these trying times. It really is all about the little things right now!


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A northern Ontario resident posted a TikTok with a whole haul of groceries on her table. It looks like a lot until she shows that her bill was a whopping $525.

With her four kids, this lasts only a week, meaning a month of groceries may be well above the $2,000 range! That's just painful.


shopping for one and still cost $130 #groceries #pcpoints #costsomuch #canadianfoodprices #nofrills #pricematch

But then again, there's not much respite for those living by themselves and cooking for one, as this TikToker pointed out.

If you're feeling disheartened, loads of people are now sharing tips to help you out while grocery shopping. Here's a helpful tip from a Toronto TikToker.


Grocery budget for one person #adulting #movingout

She said to follow a "3-3-3" rule and write down three things you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Write down the ingredients you need, plus whatever you want, and that's what you buy.

And, if you're the kind of person who likes to pick up stuff while at the store, just add a $10 to $20 buffer and stick to it.

Clearly, this is advice we all need to get by these days!

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