Someone In Northern Ontario Showed What A $40 Grocery Run Looks Like & It's Not Much

For once, Toronto looks cheap in comparison.

A grocery store in Ontario. Right: A town in Northern Ontario.

A grocery store in Ontario. Right: A town in Northern Ontario.

It's no secret that the cost of Ontario groceries is a hot-button issue right now. Prices are so sky-high that people regularly take to social media to show how much their essentials set them back.

In fact, someone recently shared a photo of what $40 bought them at their local grocer up north on Reddit, and the thread now has over 1,200 comments.

The picture of the haul, which shows a measly six items (BBQ sauce, pasta, clementines, sliced cheese, tortillas and a Baby Bottle Pop), caused a community of users to flood the thread with everything from their own saving tips to grocery woes.

"Surprisingly enough, the clementines were about 6-7 bucks if I remember correctly from the shelf," the original poster commented.

They also added that they are 250 kilometres away from civilization and they "do groceries in Timmins once a month and it'll save me a few hundred dollars. Prices for laundry detergent is nearly $80 here."

"The wild thing is that my brain immediately goes 'shouldn't have bought cheese, candy, sauce or tortillas' as if they're luxury items," wrote one user.

"I once paid 25$ for asparagus in northern Ontario. This wasn't even because of covid, that was just the price of it," added another.

As if that wasn't bleak enough, the individual who shared the photo also made another post after discovering a pack of paper towels selling for nearly $60.

"Are the prices real?" wrote one puzzled user.

"Yes, this is the reality for many remote northern communities," another chimed in response.

The dismal prices make the cost of groceries in Toronto, which have been plenty controversial in their own right, seem blissful in comparison.

Stuart McGinn, Narcity's Ontario editor, recently scored a 10-pack of cheap "paper towels" for $10.99 in Toronto. Hardly anything to celebrate, but nothing short of a savings miracle when compared to what those up north are paying.

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Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.