power outage

Tens of thousands of people are spending Boxing Day in the dark across Canada and the U.S. due to power outages caused by winter storms and other issues over the past few days.

As of Monday morning, more than 27,500 Hydro-One customers across Ontario, more than 67,600 Hydro-Quebec customers and more than 26,500 BC Hydro customers were without power in Canada.

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A chunk of Toronto's downtown core has been left in the dark following a massive power outage.

Hydro One has launched an investigation into reports that a "barge carrying a crane came into contact with high-voltage transmission lines in the city's Port Lands area."

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So many Ontarians were left in the dark this past week. According to Hydro One, over 200,000 hydro users had no power following Wednesday's severe storm, which saw winds soaring to 106 km/h in some spots. The Northern Tornadoes Project was even looking into possible tornadoes near Oshawa and Carleton Place.

"Thunderstorms and high winds are resulting in power outages in parts of central and eastern ON," Hydro One tweeted following the storm. "Our crews are responding as quickly and safely as possible."

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One Ottawa woman is sharing some serious laughs after an unexpected visitor hung out at her poolside over the weekend.

In an edited Facebook cover photo, a wet creature is seen sporting sunglasses with a flamingo pool floaty and a cocktail. But the joke started after a bit of an ordeal on May 28.

It was a noisy wake-up call for Nicole Van De Wolfshaar on Saturday morning. She was getting ready to put her morning coffee pot on the barbeque, following Ottawa's storm power outage, when she heard a familiar sound.

Crows started cackling at a predator but she wasn't sure what kind.

"I hear it all the time," Van De Wolfshaar told Narcity. "When they're in the area you know there's something in the backyard."

Maybe it's a fox, she mused to herself, since the creatures sometimes visit her backyard. Other times dogs wander onto her property. That's when she saw it.

"We made eye contact," Van De Wolfshaar says. It was a coyote and it was hanging onto the ledge of her inground pool.

To Van De Wolfshaar, the creature looked tired. She says she talked to it in hopes of coaxing it out of the pool by taking the steps in the pool's shallow end.

"I thought, he just looks like, 'I'm either drowning here or this human is gonna get me out and that's how I imagined the one photo where I really got in close on his eyes," she said. "I didn't feel afraid. I just felt concerned because he seemed under so much stress."

After about 20 minutes, and nonstop commentary from crows, Van De Wolfshaar says she saw the coyote pass through the cedars on her fence line.

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A power outage in Mississauga left thousands of people without power following a car collision involving a light pole that hit service wires.

On April 24 at 5:28 p.m., Peel Regional Police responded to a two-vehicle collision at Derry Road West and 10th Line in Mississauga.

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