Ontario's Storm Hit This Town So Hard That Some Roofs Were Blown Right Off (PHOTOS)

And there may be even more strong winds.

Storm damage around Belleville, Ontario. Right: A tree snapped during the storm.
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Storm damage around Belleville, Ontario. Right: A tree snapped during the storm.

Belleville was hit pretty hard by Thursday's storm in Ontario, which pounded roofs and trees with its blustering 106 km/h winds and "torrential downpours."

In the afternoon of June 16, a harsh storm blasted through Ontario and southern Quebec, following a severe thunderstorm and tornado watch. It left several thousand hydro users without power in its wake, as per Hydro One.

According to The Weather Network, the intense storms happened because of the warm air rising into the atmosphere right before a cold front. So when the two met together, it resulted in "bouts of torrential downpours, intense wind gusts, hail, thunder, and lightning."

"Storms stretched from the Greater Toronto Area all the way to Quebec City, with some of the strongest storms hitting the northern shores of Lake Ontario and the Montreal metro area," noted the Weather Network.

Hydro workers are working to light up residents who were left in the dark from the storm.

Storm damage around Belleville, Ontario.Storm damage around Belleville, Ontario.Paul Lantz

"Hydro One crews continue to restore power after severe thunderstorms and high winds moved through central and eastern Ontario yesterday," noted the hydro service on its website.

"An estimated time of restoration will be determined for each incident once [the] damage has been assessed."

Folks took to social media to share pictures of the damage. One user tweeted about how the roofs had blown right off and that tree branches littered Belleville's streets.

"I have a rather unique vantage point from my window of the hole in the roof from the: 'Is it a derecho? No. Straight wind? Maybe. Tornado? – still not ruled out' storm that hit ' #Belleville yesterday," tweeted Belleville resident, Jeanette Arsenault.

Belleville wasn't the only spot to get hit hard by this storm. The Montreal area saw between 40 to 60 mm of rain in less than three hours, according to The Weather Network, which caused some flooding. Plus, those living in Pointe-Fortune/Lachute to Deux-Montagnes saw ping-pong-sized hail that got up to 6 cm big. Ouch.

On Friday morning, Western University's Northern Tornados Project tweeted that it would be sending a team to Belleville and Mallorytown, Ontario to assess the damage caused by the storm.

Storm watch continues into Friday

But the storms might not even be over just yet. The Weather Network notes that thunderstorms could fall on Ontario and Quebec again on Friday. Environment Canada also issued a special weather statement for Belleville as strong winds are expected to go up to 70 km/h. Yikes.

"Loose objects may be tossed by the wind and cause injury or damage. Gusty winds can damage soft shelters, tents and awnings at outdoor events. Isolated power outages possible," the statement reads.

All throughout southern Ontario, including Barrie, Kingston and Waterloo, there are special weather statements in effect due to the strong winds.

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Contributing Writer