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severe thunderstorm ontario

Did you have any plans to enjoy the outdoors later today? You might want to think again because things could get pretty dark and scary out there.

Besides the fact that many Ontario cities are currently under a heat warning — tornado and severe thunderstorm watches are now currently in effect. Environment Canada (EC) has issued 25 severe thunderstorm watches and 11 tornado watches for Ontario.

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It's a bit hot in Ottawa heading into the mid-week, feeling up to 40 C in some areas, with a severe thunderstorm watch for Wednesday evening.

Shortly after 3 p.m. on June 22, temperatures at the International Airport sat around 27 C, with a 60% chance of rain. But according to The Weather Network, it felt more like 34 C in the capital city.

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Ontario's weather forecast is bringing the chaotic midweek energy with heat warnings, severe thunderstorms and nickel-sized hail that can "damage property and cause injury."

If you were wondering how to prepare for the day on Wednesday, you may want to bring a couple of outfit options that include an umbrella and water bottle in each hand.

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An intense storm moved through Ontario on May 21 and at least one person has died in the province after they were hit by a falling tree in Brampton during the thunderstorm.

At 2:45 p.m. on Saturday, Peel Regional Police tweeted that they had received a call an hour earlier relating to the severe storm that had moved through the region.

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