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Winning a multi-million-dollar lottery is rare enough, but you have to be extremely lucky to take home a billion-dollar prize, because there have only been a handful of those jackpots in all of history.

U.S. lottery jackpots typically go much higher than Canadian ones, and can top hundreds of millions of dollars if they go several draws without a winner.

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If you want to become a billionaire without actually doing the work, you might want to splash out $2 for a shot at one of the largest Mega Millions lottery jackpots in U.S. history.

This Friday's Mega Millions draw will give players a chance to win a whopping $1.025 billion, the third-highest sum ever offered, according to a statement by Mega Millions.

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This Ontario lottery winner couldn't believe how much she had won when the number popped up on the Big Winner screen.

Yvonne Sauve, a retail worker from Barrie, Ontario, won the top Lotto 6/49 prize of $36,449,852.60 from the January 12, 2022 draw from a Free Play, according to an OLG press release.

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You may have received some pretty great gifts in your life, but not many can top this one.

A man from Attleborough, Massachusetts, just scored a $1 million prize from a scratch-off ticket while recovering from heart surgery, according to a news release from Massachusetts State Lottery Commission.

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Someone in Ontario has a winning lottery ticket and is running out of time to get their prize.

A winning Lotto 6/49 ticket worth $20,000 is about to expire in two weeks if the winner doesn't claim it.

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