You Can Paddle Down This 4-Mile Sapphire Spring Run Near Tallahassee This Summer

Keep calm and paddle on.
Cypress Springs Near Tallahassee Is One Of Florida's Best-Kept Secrets

Grab a paddle this summer and explore a gorgeous natural spring in the Panhandle. Cypress Springs near Tallahassee has some of the clearest blue water and picturesque scenery in the state. This hidden spot is truly one of Florida's best-kept secrets.

Cypress Springs is just a 1.5-hour drive from the state's capital, making this a great day trip to take over the summer. If you love paddle boarding and kayaking, this spot is the perfect backdrop for a day on the water. You and your pals can spend a hot afternoon relaxing on this breathtaking spring.

This unique area can only be accessed by boat, so you'll have to book a shuttle with Cypress Springs Adventures ahead of time before they all fill up. Shuttle costs are included in their rental fees.

You can rent a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard from Cypress Springs Adventures for a paddling adventure. Prices range from $35 for a single kayak to $50 for a 3-person canoe.

The springs are open seasonally from April to August, meaning you can take a refreshing dip during the warmest time of year.

The water stays a refreshing 67 degrees year-round, which will feel nice and cool when you're baking beneath the Florida sun. 
Each day, Cypress Springs pumps millions of gallons of sparkling spring water that visitors enjoy. 

You can take a quick 1-mile kayaking trip for a 1-hour excursion on the water. If you're looking for more of a challenge, opt for the 4-mile journey and spend 2-3 hours on the springs. 

This incredible spot is easily one of the best natural springs to visit in Florida. Get out there and make some memories on this enchanting spring run this summer. 

Cypress Springs 

Price: Kayak/canoe rental fees range from $35 to $50 

Address: 3324 FL-277, Vernon, FL 

Why You Need To Go: Hop into sparkling clear waters and reconnect with nature at this picturesque natural spring. 

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