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There is a world beneath the tropical landscape of the Sunshine State that is begging to be explored. Florida Caverns State Park near Tallahassee makes for an exciting underground adventure, and it even hides a secret rainbow world.

For just $10.75 per person, you can explore this unique state park that brings an array of colors to the caverns.

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Southern California may be known for its beaches and bad traffic, but it’s northern Cali that really gives nature lovers something to enjoy. If you’ve ever dreamed of wandering beneath the lofty, ancient redwoods of The Golden State, you don’t have to travel all the way across the country to experience it. This Florida state park feels like California’s redwood forests with towering trees, and it’s a great place to explore this fall.

Pine Log State Forest sits in Florida’s panhandle and is accessible from several different open forest roads off Highway 79.

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Florida's gorgeous state parks are a wonder to explore, from coastal gems to deep forest trails. One perfect Florida camping spot is Torreya State Park near Tallahassee. Here, you'll find adorable yurts that you can rent for cheap.

Narcity spoke with a park manager at Torreya State Park and confirmed that while the original yurts had been destroyed by Hurricane Micheal in 2017, the park rebuilt them.

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When thinking of the landscape in The Sunshine State, the word "flat" normally comes to mind. However, Florida has a stunning variety of terrains that both residents and visitors can enjoy. One of those sites is Big Lagoon State Park near Pensacola, where you can get sky-high views of land below.

This expansive state park that sits near the state's border with Alabama is a perfect example of the diversity of Florida's environment.

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Florida is a warm-weathered paradise. The year-round warmth, however, comes with a drawback in that the beautiful fall colors aren't as widespread in The Sunshine State as it is in neighboring states. If you're looking for real fall foliage in Florida, Torreya State Park in Florida's Panhandle will you all the autumn views.

Situated just west of Tallahassee, the park sits on high bluffs that will give you a spectacular look at the Apalachicola River below.

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