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This State Forest Feels Like Florida's Version Of The California Redwoods

Total Cali vibes without ever leaving Florida!🌲

Southern California may be known for its beaches and bad traffic, but it’s northern Cali that really gives nature lovers something to enjoy. If you’ve ever dreamed of wandering beneath the lofty, ancient redwoods of The Golden State, you don’t have to travel all the way across the country to experience it. This Florida state park feels like California’s redwood forests with towering trees, and it’s a great place to explore this fall.

Pine Log State Forest sits in Florida’s panhandle and is accessible from several different open forest roads off Highway 79.

Once entering the wood, you’ll be surrounded by enormous pine trees that totally give off a northern Cali vibe.

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As Florida’s very first state park, the forest certainly has a history as aged as The Golden State’s redwoods forests. With diverse animal and plant life, it’s even home to several endangered species.

The northern section of the Florida National Scenic Trail also routes through Pine Log. You’ll know you’re on the trail by the bright orange rectangle markers that indicate its path on the trees.

You can traverse through the forest by the Scenic Trail for about 8 miles.

Besides towering pines, you’ll also hike through sandhills, flatwoods, cypress ponds, and swamps.

The Florida Scenic Trail begins in the northwest corner of the forest, leading hikers to a campground you can stay overnight at.

Pine Log State Forest contains over 13 developed trails to trek through, so you can spend plenty of time on your California adventure without ever leaving Florida.

Pine Log State Forest

Address: Long Leaf Rd, Ebro, FL

Why You Need To Go: The towering pines of this state forest echo the ancient trees found in California's redwood forests.

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