You Can Actually See Fall Foliage At This Florida State Park

A perfect shade of fall.🍂
Fall Foliage In Florida Torreya State Park Gives All The Autumn Views

Florida is a warm-weathered paradise. The year-round warmth, however, comes with a drawback in that the beautiful fall colors aren't as widespread in The Sunshine State as it is in neighboring states. If you're looking for real fall foliage in Florida, Torreya State Park in Florida's Panhandle will you all the autumn views.

Situated just west of Tallahassee, the park sits on high bluffs that will give you a spectacular look at the Apalachicola River below.

The miles of hardwood trees produce a stunning color palette in the cooler months, bringing a spark of real fall vibes to the park.

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Combined with the high bluffs, the beautiful fall foliage at the park is perfect for showing out-of-state friends and family that the foliage can change in Florida.

The park's ecological system of bluffs, ravines, and plant life is not typically associated with Florida's ecosystem. It’s also home to an extremely rare species Torreya tree that you can spot along the bluffs of the river.

Torreya State Park is the perfect place for sunburnt Floridians to escape the heat and experience real fall foliage.

This gorgeous state park is the perfect addition to your fall bucket list and a great place to celebrate the cooler months in Florida.

The park is also a great fall destination for boating, hiking, and even catching a glimpse of some of Florida's elusive wildlife.

You don't have to travel all the way to the northern states to witness some real fall foliage, and Torreya State Park will give you all the autumn vibes and colors.

Torreya State Park 

Price: $3

Address: 2576 NW Torreya Park Rd., Bristol, FL

Why You Need To Go: You can see the beauty of fall colors at this unique state park. 

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