There is a world beneath the tropical landscape of the Sunshine State that is begging to be explored. Florida Caverns State Park near Tallahassee makes for an exciting underground adventure, and it even hides a secret rainbow world.

For just $5, you can check out a rainbow light show at this unique state park that brings an array of colors to the caverns.

The underground LED light show was temporarily suspended due to Hurricane Micheal knocking out the cave's electrical system.

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What are the tours really like?

Now that it's been restored, the light show has returned with a brand new LED lighting system that is both energy-efficient and will protect the sensitive ecosystem of the cave.

The new lighting setup will also allow visitors to see the beauty of the caverns without having to bring a flashlight.

The guided tours have been put on hold for the moment, but once they resume, they will be free and take you and your crew to the depths of the cavern's formations.

You'll get training on how to navigate the cave system safely before entering the cool 65-degree caverns.

Being underground, the caves are dimly lit, and the park cautions visitors to be careful while inside.

What's inside the cavern?

While you're in the cavern, you may encounter some wildlife that makes their home here. 

Animals such as bats, salamanders, and cave crickets will be enjoying the light show along with you. 

With the rainbow light show back in swing, now is a great time to plan a weekend trip to Florida's glowing underworld.

Rainbow Light Show at Florida Caverns State Park

Price: $5 per vehicle; $10.75 per adult for the tour

Address: 3345 Caverns Rd., Marianna, FL  

Why You Need To Go: You'll be transported into an underground rainbow world at this gorgeous state park.

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