You Can Find The Cutest Little Plant Paradise Behind This Pink Door In Tampa

Who wouldn't want to spend their life living in a planter's paradise? 🌵🌿
Plant Shops In Florida Fancy Free Nursery Is A Plant Paradise Behind A Pink Door

Plants - the perfect addition to add a little touch of green and joy to any space. Whether you like the big leafy kind or the small and pokey kind, there's a unique charm that comes from these potted pals. And if you've been looking for a new cute plant shop in Tampa, Fancy Free Nursery might just have you covered.

Located on North Florida Ave just up the way from Tampa's food hall, The Hall on Franklin, Fancy Free's white brick building hangs out on the corner — though it's the pink door and trim that might grab your attention and entice you to check it out.

What may appear to be an unassuming little shop, is an absolute plant paradise when you open the door.

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Everywhere you look you'll see a new cactus or fern waiting to find its forever home. From small succulents to tall leafy fronds, this spot has it all.

Metal and wood shelves, tables, chairs, and accent pieces also dot the space, casting a cozy and peaceful ambiance. You might have come for the plants, but you're likely to end up leaving with a little design inspo for your home too.

And the staff is as welcoming as the space. According to frequent visitor and Instagram user, @hollyissocoollike, the "chill vibe" and "knowledgable and personable" employees make for the perfect pair.

While you can stop in to pluck the perfect pieces for your home on your own, the nursery also specializes in interior design and landscaping. Their website has a slot for businesses and homeowners alike to book their services — just fill out the form and hook them up with your budget and you're off to having a space as zen-inducing as their nursery.

If you absolutely fall in love with this little Tampa spot, Fancy Free also offers up the plant parlor for weddings. Their outdoor wooden slat space dresses up for the cutest jungle-vibe wedding; but if you already have a vendor, they offer floral services too.

Whether you leave with an army of little green dudes or find one specific fern that speaks to your soul, you're likely to feel right at home at Fancy Free Nursery.

Fancy Free Nursery

Price: 💸💸

Address: 1502 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL

Why You Need To Go: The perfect place to find a new plant friend in the most gorgeous little green paradise. You'll feel right at home in this trendy space.