Savannah is known for being one of the most haunted cities in The Peach State. Some may also consider it to be one of the most artistic and creative places in Georgia. One Savannah shop, Starland Strange, is such a place where you can freely express yourself and soak up some of the city's creativity.

You'll find Starland Strange located in the Starland District of Savannah, just a short trek away from Starland Yard — a shipping container park packed with bars, restaurants, and food trucks.

As soon as you walk up to the district, you'll notice Starland Strange's quirky little spot. Their perfectly pink vintage building and the colorfully funky steps will grab your attention and have you dragging yourself into the store.

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Store owners, Emily and Marguerite, describe it like the song Dolly Parton sang about her coat that had many colors — a kaleidoscope of eclectic finds that include a little bit of everything.

You can find items like vintage tees, upcycled denim, original graphic tees, accessories, plants, patches, knick-knacks and so much more.

You'll get all the hippie, vintage, and retro vibes as you make your way through the store.

Starland Strange doubles as a sweets stop, too. They sell a variety of treats that are perfect on those hot Savannah days.

You can slurp down unique snow cones, monch on chocolate-covered bananas, and indulge in stacked ice cream cones. 

They just posted on their Instagram that they're working on something really "sweet" and new, so keep an eye out on their page if you want to know what surprises they have up their sleeves.

The store also hosts personal shopping parties for special occasions and bachelorette parties, which could serve as the icing on top of the cake for a girl's trip to Savannah. 

Stay strange, Starland Strange!

Starland Strange

Price: 💸💸

Address: 17 W 41st St., Savannah, GA

Why You Need To Go: This shop in Savannah is one of the trendiest places in the city with a unique colorful hippie vibe. It has a variety of vintage clothes, accessories, sweets and so much more.