When traveling through Georgia, there are so many roadside attractions you'll want to stop at. The best ones are those that are gems that not as many people know about. There's one hidden spot in Georgia that'll take you to another world and help you take a step back from reality for a bit. 

Pasaquan in Buena Vista, Georgia is a psychedelic wonderland that's a true hidden gem of The Peach State, but everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime. 

Located at Columbus State University, this unique gallery of quirky art and architecture sometimes hosts workshops, lectures, seminars, and performances as well.

Eddie Owens Martin, who later changed his name to St. EOM, is the creator of this colorful paradise. According to the official website, he's a self-taught artist who got the inspiration for this wonderland from various cultures.

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He spent 30 years working on Pasaquan to make it perfect for visitors. During those years, he's built six huge structures on the property, various mandala murals all over the walls, and has even masonry walls that are beautifully painted.

Some cultures you can see represented through art at this spot include African, pre-Columbian Mexico, and Native American.

This spot is open every Friday through Sunday and there's a suggested contribution of $10 per adult.

Memberships are also available, giving you access to exclusive events at Pasaquan as well as receiving newsletters with all the updates. Memberships start at just $25 and help fund programs and events here.

When you visit, take your time walking around the area and snap as many photos as you'd like. Your eyes might not know where to look because there's just so much to look at scattered across 7 acres of land. 

One of the visions of this destination is to, "Deepen visitors understanding of visionary art and inspire them to express themselves creatively."

You might just walk out of Pasaquan wanting to make something unique of your own.

St. EOM said, “I built this place to have something to identify with. Here I can be in my own world, with my temples and designs and the spirit of God. I can have my own spirits and my own thoughts." 

He's shared it with the world and now it's a Peach State must-see waiting for you to explore it.


Price: $10 suggested contribution 

Address: 238 Eddie Martin Rd., Buena Vista, GA

Why You Need To Go: This adventure will open your mind to a creative world. From the different colors to the various cultures represented here, you're in for a visual treat and adventure through art. 

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.